Cyber Team U.S. Virus Protection


For Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops. Windows, Apple and Android OS devices.

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Globally Automated Whitelist

We leverage patented technology to offer industry-best protection for your devices. SuperShield, our real-time protection component, deploys a default-deny approach blocking all unknown applications from running without causing headaches or slowdowns. This is made possible by our global list of known good applications and patented digital signature technology.

Our innovations continue to lead the cybersecurity industry with a company that is 100% USA based and fulfilling our mission; provide industry-leading security that is affordable and easy to manage for everyone.

Don’t Just React to Threats. Prevent Them.

Cyber Team U.S. protects you from a wide variety of malware by using advanced technologies and unique approaches to keep you safe and secure.


Ransomware and cyber security have an inverse relationship. We prevent ransomware by blocking it before it can begin to execute using our default-deny protection. With cyber criminals creating new malware every day, waiting for a “bad” classification is not feasible. By blocking all unknown applications PC Matic can protect you against the newest and most targeted ransomware.

Fake Virus Scams

Our use of white-list based protection to defeat the fake virus scam. These websites always popup a phone number, and we block any website that shows a phone number inside a pop-up window unless it’s a whitelisted phone number from a legitimate company. While the page is blocked the user is redirected to a safe webpage with information about the scam.

Trojans, Viruses & Worms

We prevent all three types of attacks by utilizing our global white-list and a default-deny approach. Before a virus or worm can execute and begin replicating, We see it as an unknown and blocks the attempt. Trojans are also blocked as unknown before execution because we have never seen that file; even if they attempt to masquerade under legitimate names like Microsoft Google etc.

Made in the U.S.A

We take great pride in the fact that all of the research, development and support is done right here in the United States. All of our competitors outsource some piece of their product; research, development, support or all three. We believe by keeping all pieces of the product in the United States, there is an increase in the reliability of the security product.

Available in our Bundeled Plans!