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"This is the best American made VPN to keep your data secure and private wherever you are."

By Chris Kirkland, Retired Air Force Process Plans Officer

Secure Communications

 Though we are not at war on the scale we were during WWII we are indeed in a cyber war and the lives of many are still jeopardized by those who do little to protect themselves against cyber criminal activity.  

There was a saying during World War II that went along the line of "loose lips might sink ships"...The premise was that if you didn't protect what was said you could jeopardize the lives of many.  That saying still holds true today even after many years.

"Loose Lips

Sink Ships..."

The numbers don't lie...  We are losing the war...  Cyber criminal activity is set to cross the threshold of 6 Trillion dollars a year by 2021! 


This is a staggering number and if you don't think it doesn't affect are wrong.  It causes prices to increase on products to offset the losses that many businesses face.  For many businesses it force them to close... 


So, if you want to help fight the bad guy in this scenario one of the tools to do so is having "Secure Communications" which means using a VPN or Virtual Private Network. 


It is easy to use and will protect you by masking your IP address while online when you are using a WiFi outside of you home.  This is a must the bad guys are much like the wolf packs waiting to Sink the Ships who are unprotected. 


Don't be that Ship...

Why I Chose this VPN Service


Access websites and media without restrictions

Stop ISP interference

Protect your personal information while on public Wi-Fi

Keep your personal information safe

And the winner is...

5/5 Stars

Chris's #1 Choice for 2020 American Made VPN Service

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