PC Matic Anti-virus Malware protection

PC Matic Anti-virus Malware protection

PC Matic is the leading Anti-virus malware protection software made and supported right here in the U.S..  We believe it matters where you software is made.  For 50$ a year it will protect 5 devices for you and your family.  If you are looking to protect your business we recommend PC Matic Pro.

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    At its origin, the antivirus industry was controlled by two major players operating in the United States. Soon after, cybercriminals began to out pace their technology and both companies struggled to keep customers secure. In order to cut costs and still keep up with cybercriminals, both companies looked to outsource. Research was outsourced to the Philippines and development work was outsourced to India. The focus shifted drastically from quality of protection to lowering expenses and driving profits for shareholders. Many other companies began to arise in the industry, often from where experts believe most malware is originating.
    PC Matic entered the industry in 2011 and remains the only solution that is fully developed and supported in the USA. We have brought the industry full circle and remain dedicated to an American made solution with new innovative technology. SuperShield has taken the industry by storm providing unbeatable protection with our globally automated whitelist. We have continued our mission to innovate by introducing RDP Security and Anti-Tampering protection for our customers.

    The Future of Antivirus.

    Made in America.


America's Choice for Total Cybersecurity

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