Cyber Criminals the Corona Virus and You

You are probably thinking, what does the Corona virus have to do with cyber criminals and yourself? Well, for one, cyber criminals are smart…they know how use “social engineering”, to exploit your concerns and fears. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that this pandemic has many folks concerned…Cyber criminals play off that fear, by exploiting that concern by putting up fake websites, sending out phishing emails, and even fake texts (Smshing) on your cell phone, all with the hopes that they’ll get you to click on their link to infect your computer or smart device. For them, it’s all about the money, and they have many ways to extract that from you or just make you life a living hell…They can lock up your computer with Ransomware or malware, They can hide a Trojan virus to extricate your vital personal information, including banking and credit card data in which you may not find out for months afterwards; or they can just use your computer in a Denial of Service DOS attack, as part of an army to create havoc on other computers and networks.

Cyber Crime sadly, has become the #1 crime world wide for the last 17 years, and it is not going away. Today more than ever, people and businesses are being targeted with cyber attacks stealing not just your money but your identity, including even children’s identities. Of these groups targeted, the biggest one, by far, are the seniors; Why? Well, because for one, they have all the money, from after working a lifetime to save it and are probably the least computer savvy in the group. Remember criminals are opportunists so they’ll look to exploit those of us who are weakest. Today’s computer and cyber professionals recommend having multiple layers of protection as a minimum; 1) A good Anti-Virus/Malware protection program, 2) A Virtual Private Network connection or VPN, and 3) Identity Theft Protection. In other words the more eyes the better when it comes to looking out after you on cyber security.

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