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Identity Protection

It can take years to undo the damage of a stolen identity. Don’t let it destroy your credit score, taint your medical records, and deplete your college funds and retirement accounts – essentially everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection

1Advanced Fraud MonitoringDelivers virtually real-time, proactive alerts when lenders, such as banks, auto dealers, mortgage companies, and government agencies, request a copy of your credit report. Early notification helps you stop fraudulent attempts to open a new account or increase a line of credit. Any credit activity can hurt your credit score.
2Smart SSN TrackerSecure Social Security Number tracking that intelligently alerts you if there’s an unfamiliar name, alias, or address associated with your SSN, which could be an indication of fraud. As a result, greatly reduce the time, money, and emotional stress associated with stolen SSN.
3$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance & RecoveryRecover out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages when your identity is stolen. Complete, comprehensive recovery services from U.S.-based Certified Protection Experts available 24/7. Specialists do not just assist you with identity restoration, they save you hundreds of hours by completing all the paperwork, making calls, and doing all the heavy lifting to make sure your identity is restored.
4Mobile AppAnywhere, anytime protection with all the key capabilities required to rapidly access personal identity protection information from your smartphone (iOS and Android).
5Online PC Protection ToolsAnti-phishing and anti-keylogging software protect you while shopping, banking, and sharing online from your PC. Proactively prevents malware from stealing sensitive data such as your username, password, credit card number, bank account details, or other sensitive data that you type on your PC keyboard. Protects every keystroke as you enter it, and detects dangerous fake sites to prevent phishing attacks.
6Bank and Credit Card ActivityReceive email and mobile text alerts when a charge, withdrawal, or balance transfer exceeds a dollar amount determined by you. Help quickly spot credit card fraud and bank account fraud in one centralized place.
73 Bureau Credit MonitoringSpot fraud quickly with daily monitoring of your credit reports and alerts you if key changes are detected.
8Credit Score SimulatorWith our credit score simulator, you can explore how several financial decisions may impact your credit. This tool will help you experiment with different credit balances, credit card payments, balance transfers, and more.
93 Bureau Credit Reports & ScoresProvides total control through instant online access to your credit reports and scores from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You’ll also get instant online access to your credit scores that lenders look at when making loan decisions.
10Social Media Identity MonitoringMonitor your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts for inappropriate activity and posts that could be perceived as violent, are using profanity, or could be categorized as cyberbullying or discriminatory.
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