What is the advantage to using an MSP?

Answer-  A MSP or Managed Service Provider does all the security for you behind the scenes.  Similar to many other services you may have now...  For instance Power, Water, Internet/Cable all have a team of professionals that work hard to provide you those services, the same is true for a Cybersecurity MSP.

Why use CyberTeamUS?Answer-  Doing business with CyberTeamuUS is like having your own dedicated cybersecurity team looking out for you.  The advantage is that CyberTeamUS is an U.S. based firm that is veteran owned and operated, plus we only use U.S. based technologies or Technologies that come from neutral, or U.S. ally countries that have passed our stringent security requirements.   Many MSPs use technologies based in countries that are not U.S. based with questionable foreign ties thereby putting you at potential risk.

Am I locked into a long term contract with CyberTeamUS?

Answer- NO...We are so confident in our services we do not require long term contracts.  Our services can be stopped at anytime and are on a month to month basis.   

Does CyberTeamUS work with Small Businesses? 

Yes...that is actually how we started out and is our expertise.  We will specifically customize our services for SMBs and offer a FREE Cybersecurity report card using a "White Hat" ethical tool to show Business Owners what it is a hacker see's on their business.  A fantastic tool for Business owners to help protect themselves by bridging those gaps found in their armor!