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Identity Theft Protection is no longer a luxury

Identity Theft Protection can no longer be considered a luxury.  The Federal Trade Commission has said that IDENTITY THEFT is the number 1 crime now for over 18 years in a row!   They estimate that there are over 40,000 victims a day and that this crime is projected to get worse due to ALL the recent data breaches!  That equals a person every 2 seconds...Sadly  this crime is not going away so individuals, families, and businesses need to protect themselves which is why I am writing this article.


Most People think of Identity Theft as being Credit Card theft but it is much more than that!   Identity Theft affects both young and old alike and it does not discriminate.  Identity Theft will remain the number 1 crime in the U.S. going forward, and unfortunately with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Smart Technology, the Internet of Things it is projected to get much worse, so Identity Theft protection is no longer a luxury but now a necessity.


If you do not have Identity Theft protection for your family or business you operating on borrowed time before an attack takes place. You see, Equifax, Facebook, Amazon, and numerous other large databases have lost your PII (Personal Identifiable Information).  What does this mean to you?  Well for one the bad guys now have ALL your personal information and it is only a matter of time before they find you.  You see much information about doesn't change like your name, address, and phone number...and when the bad guys can get a hold of the other missing information that is in your files they are able to open credit cards in your name, apply for mortgages, get pay day loans, and even commit crimes in your name or as someone I knew who went through this recently said, just make your life a pure living hell!

Be warned though, not to go with just any Identity Theft Protection company!  Just because it is the most popular and most advertised doesn't make it the best.  Do your homework.  The most popular and most advertised today Norton/Lifelock is not even owned by an American company!  The former company that owned them Symantec was partners with Hauwei once, a Chinese firm who's former CEO was the Minister of State Security for China, our CIA counterpart!   So what could possible go wrong here...(sarcasm).  Now they are owned by Broadcom out of  Malaysia.  Shouldn't your personal information and identity be protected by a firm closer to home?  My belief is Americans will do a much better job of protecting Americans at the end of the day.


If you think the Government can protect you from this I'm afraid that you'll be sadly mistaken...As the NSA had it’s own data breach as well as the CIA Director himself!  If that wasn’t enough they(the NSA) lost ALL their hacking tools in a data breach!  So this means the bad guys now have ALL the tools and information to make your life completely miserable.   DO NOT be one of those victims and think this won't happen to me.  Please allow us to protect your identity today using our Identity Theft plan below... This company has been doing this for 40+ years and is American owned and operated. So join our team and get the protection you deserve.  CyberTeamUS.

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