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If you don't think it matters where your Anti-virus is made I think you might be in for a rude awakening.  Many of the AV software products that are made in other countries actually come from the very same areas these AV software manufacturers come from.  Many software programmers in other countries actually moonlight as a way to make extra money for organized crime cartels to defeat these legitimate products.  Since many of these same people made these products they also know what can defeat it or get around them.   It ends up being a vicious cycle of  virus/malware, countermeasure, virus/malware, countermeasure  or the ultimate job security!  

There is however a better way to defeat this enemy and not get into their endless cycle and that is by using a Whitelisting OS (Operational System) or as some now call it a Zero Trust OS which is the latest term.  Either way it is pretty much the same way we ran our networks in the military and that is with the mindset that NOTHING operates on the network unless it is approved.  It's like having a 7 foot tall 400 pound bouncer at the door of a club...Your not getting in unless you are on the approved list.  Typical other AV protection uses what is referred to as a Blacklist OS this type of practice is now on the way out as many people are caught up in that vicious cycle previously mentioned...Don't be those guys...


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