John Belthoff - CMO Cyber Team U.S.

John Belthoff

John Belthoff

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) John Belthoff has been a professional Computer Programmer for over 15 years as well as a Professional Audio Engineer for over 35 years.

As an Audio Engineer Mr. Belthoff has overseen numerous studio design/build/installs in NYC and worked as Chief Engineer for the top Commercial Jingle recording studio Automated Sound. He also has mixed top rated television productions including Maury Povich, Rikki Lake, Geraldo Rivera, Sally Jessy Raphael and numerous musical artists such as Harry Connik Jr, Blues Traveler, K.D. Lang, and Carly Simon.

As a professional computer programmer Mr. Belthoff was a lead programmer for Perry Systems and oversaw numerous successful high volume marketing campaigns. He has also developed and programmed several DOD logistical programs for front end military contractors.

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