Doug Gould - CTO Cyber Team U.S.

Doug Gould

Doug Gould

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Doug Gould, Master in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Security and Business Administration.

He has overseen security for US Government Agencies and has solved major cases for the FBI and Secret Service; he has served as an Officer of the Court as a forensic expert and has been an expert witness in landmark cybersecurity cases. He designed security architectures for DoD networks including some of the most sensitive areas of the Government.

Doug served as Chief Information Security Officer at the World Institute for Security Enhancement, has written advanced security courses, developed advanced security methodologies and has taught government, private sector professionals and law enforcement agents information security, computer forensics, advanced computer forensic sciences and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.

He is a Vietnam-era US Navy Veteran where he worked in Electronic Warfare and Electronic Intelligence.

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