"Why” these products are in our line up…

PC Matic's homegrown, innovative protection -- because it matters where your software is made.

At its origin, the antivirus industry was controlled by two major players operating in the United States. Soon after, cybercriminals began to outpace their technology and both companies struggled to keep customers secure. In order to cut costs and still keep up with cybercriminals, both companies looked to outsource. The research was outsourced to the Philippines and development work was outsourced to India. The focus shifted drastically from the quality of protection to lowering expenses and driving profits for shareholders. Many other companies began to arise in the industry, often from where experts believe most malware is originating. PC Matic entered the industry in 2011 and remains the only solution that is fully developed and supported in the USA. We have brought the industry full circle and remain dedicated to an American made solution with new innovative technology. SuperShield has taken the industry by storm providing unbeatable protection with our globally automated whitelist. We have continued our mission to innovate by introducing RDP Security and Anti-Tampering protection for our customers.

Our Mission: Protect What Matters Most™

You want the best identity theft protection for yourself,  your family, and your business. Our holistic approach to identity and credit protection incorporates robust technology, rigorous product testing and development, best-in-class customer service, and open communication with our members and partners. And that’s a promise we continue to deliver on, every day.

We protect your identity like we protect our own.

Your identity is much more than just your personal information. It is everything you have worked for your entire life to create. It’s your home, your career, your family, your finances, your health, your business, your reputation, and everything that matters most to you. It’s your life story, and to us, it doesn’t get any more personal than protecting it. Why? Because we’re people with identities too. Which means what matters to you, matters to us.

Take the first step towards a lifetime of identity protection.

Join IdentityForce as an individual, through your employer, or even through a trusted partner you already do business with.

We promise to consistently deliver world-class identity theft protection, and to:

  • Never sell your information.

  • Safeguard your privacy and personal information like it’s our own.

  • Rapidly alert you of potential threats.

  • Deliver real identity theft insurance to cover you up to $1 million.

  • Provide first-class customer service from live, trained experts.

  • Put you in control with an online dashboard that’s easy to use.


We do more than provide security. We actually listen.

In order to deliver the best possible solutions for individuals, families, businesses, and our partners everywhere, we take every product review and interaction to heart. In fact, our executive team regularly reviews product and company feedback, so we can keep evolving our solutions and services. IdentityForce employees are also members, so we’re constantly working with our entire member community to make our solutions even better.

About Proton Technologies AG

Proton is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, allowing our users to benefit from some of the world's strongest privacy laws. Proton is supported by FONGIT (a non-profit foundation financed by the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation for the public good), and the European Commission

We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. Proton was founded in 2014 by a team of scientists who met at CERN (the European Center for Nuclear Research) and created ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service. In total, we protect over 20 million people with our products. If you are interested in joining our team, we are hiring.

Our Values


Unlike other VPN services, we provide full transparency so you know who is running the service. We are well known for our work improving Internet security and privacy.


We will always tell you what VPN can and can't protect, as even the best VPN service has limitations. When it comes to security, we believe in transparently communicating the threat model.

Security First

ProtonVPN does not use insecure protocols and encryption levels. ProtonVPN benefits from the security experience gained from building the world's largest secure email service.

Technical Excellence

We have a long track record when it comes to security. Whether it's operating our own Secure Core servers for privacy or using 10Gbit networks for performance, quality comes first.


ProtonVPN is community supported and community is everything to us. We provide professional customer support to the entire ProtonVPN community, including free users.

Privacy & Security for everyone

Our mission is to make online security and privacy accessible to all. To help achieve this goal, we provide a free VPN so that everyone can securely and privately access the Internet.


Cybersecurity starts with password security.

Keeper is the top-rated password manager for protecting you, your family and your business from password-related data breaches and cyberthreats. You get Bank grade technology in an easy to use format.


Existing Cyber Security products do not provide the required visibility level, nor the capability to enforce granular policies. Furthermore, Cyber crime organizations and state sponsored activities exploit those “blind spots” to gain access to your organization’s most valuable assets – by injecting malware , ransomware and leaking data through the use of Rogue devices, which are detected only by Sepio Systems physical layer fingerprinting algorithm.

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Helping companies detect and remediate cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities in real-time before they escalate into cybersecurity incidents that cause downtime, financial loss, and brand reputation damage.

Real-time cybersecurity solutions designed for your budget to help you build a cybersecurity culture and protect your assets.