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Founded by Chris Kirkland a 32 yr veteran of the U.S. Navy and U.S Air Force.  A former IG Inspector, Performance Plans Officer, Communications Engineer and certified Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt by the Secretary of the Air Force.  Security and Readiness are what Cyber Team U.S. is all about. We provide the services and tools necessary to defend yourself against cyber criminals. Because it is not IF you will not ever be hit by a cyber attack but WHEN... And then, how fast you can recover from afterwards that matters. The world is a dangerous place and the internet the playground for cyber criminals, don't fall victim to them, arm yourself with knowledge, a good Anti-virus, use a VPN, and protect you, and your family with an Identity Theft program.  We can help you with all the above and much more... 


We appreciate you choosing and doing business with us and these “Global Leading” products that are designed to help protect you, your family and your business.  You are a target for cyber criminals... So, don't be an easy one.   

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Dr. Marc Kolenko   CISO,  

Sc.D., CISSP, C | EH, CCSK  

Dr Marc Kolenko is Cybersecurity Engineer and Adjunct Professor at American University with over 33 years of experience in the private and public sector. Kolenko received his ScD in Cybersecurity from Capitol Technology University. He’s on the Board of Cyber Conflict Studies Association. Research areas include culture, behavior, and its effect on defensive/offensive cyber operations.


Kolenko is currently the Lead Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert at Modern Technology Solutions Inc. (MTSI – Alexandria, VA). He’s responsible for delivering Defensive/Offensive Cyber Operations (DCO & OCO) Strategic Planning & Policy Guidance, Counter Unmanned Aeronautical Systems (C-UAS) Solutions, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Information Assurance (IA) & Compliance, and Systems Security Engineering solutions that aid clients with meeting Fed. Gov. and Commercial cybersecurity mandates (e.g., NIST/CSF/RMF, FedRAMP, GDPR, CNSS 1253, GLBA/SOX and the CNCI).

He currently supports the Chief, Cyber Security, Army Rapid Capabilities & Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) which focuses on Directed Energy, Hypersonics, and Spaces-based cyber solutions for the Army and Joint DOD communities. Prior to that, Kolenko supported the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of the Air Force as a Senior Cybersecurity DCO and Compliance Adviser. Kolenko has also served the Office Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Assistant Secretary of Defense, Homeland Defense & Global Security, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Defense Continuity & Mission Assurance as a Senior Cybersecurity Threat Adviser through SRA International (now GDIT).

Between 2004 and 2012, while at Intelligent Decision, Booz Allen Hamilton, and General Dynamics, he served in both operational and engineering positions to include Information Assurance Manager and Chief Engineer for a combined DOD and Intel Community collaborative fusion center where he led IA/DCO, CERT, and Cyber-operations in support of ISR missions of the highest National priority. Kolenko's professional skills span the systems engineering lifecycle. Kolenko’s expertise also includes managing DCO R&D efforts as a principal investigator.

A former decorated Officer, Kolenko started his career at Onizuka AFB’s Air Force Satellite Control Network’s Program Office as a Network Project Manager. After separating from the AF in 1990, Kolenko worked for both Bolt Beranek & Newman (BBN, creators of the ARPAnet) and Advanced Network & Systems (ANS, developers of the NSFnet). In the mid-90s, Kolenko took his Internet business experience to Europe assisting Fischer & Lorenz (Copenhagen, Denmark), an IT consulting firm that served both the European Union and commercial enterprises, launch its Internet Business and Security Practice. In 1999, Kolenko developed Nortel’s NexGen Networks Practice. As its manager, he was responsible for all aspects of solution’s development and fulfillment. In 2003, Kolenko returned to the Government joining General Dynamics Network Systems (now GDIT) as technical lead for next-generation, network-centric solutions in support of Federal Civil, DoD, and IC IT initiatives.

Kolenko received his BSEE from Norwich University (Northfield, VT), MS Telecom Management from Golden Gate University (San Francisco, CA), and his Doctorate (Sc.D.) in Cybersecurity from Capitol Technology University (Laurel, MD, 2019). He has authored papers for both Government and Private Sector clients.


CyberTeamUS is a makeup of the best cybersecurity products from around world all under one umbrella.   


They are all developed by organizations with a 100% trusted supply chain.  Shouldn't the company behind your cybersecurity not have a history of data breaches, questionable foreign ties to adversarial countries, and poor performance? 


We think so.

CyberTeamUS utilizes the "Best Practice", of using a multiple layered approach for protection, as recommended by the Department of Homeland Security.  CyberTeamUS, offers a suite of trusted cybersecurity solutions that address Viruses, Ransomware, Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services, Identity Theft Protection, E-mail protection, and Password Protection, plus other benefits for it's members.


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